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the pollinator project

Bee art
Bee Art

Welcome to The Pollinator Project, where every small purchase can make a big difference. Our goal is to expand pollinator habitat and increase awareness of the crucial role that pollinators play in our ecosystem. Our handmade products which include birdhouses, bat boxes, Mason Bee structures, and Suet feeders, are the perfect way to provide habitat and make a difference. We partner with organizations who want their fundraisers to make an impact on their environment and help the community. We welcome everyone to join us in our mission, with every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go to the organization holding the fundraiser, and another portion will be donated to a non profit dedicated to protecting the environment and pollinators more specifically. Groups that choose to run a fundraiser with us will promote our website and products, and we will ship the products straight to their customers door. You never have to build, store, or deliver the products, we take care of all of that! We also sell direct to customers, if you like our products, we also donate a portion of single purchase orders to non profits like the Audobon Society, Pollinator Protectors, and The Bat Conservancy. Our Mission is to make every one who works with us, or purchases our products feel like they are making a difference.

Mason Bee
bat landing
feeding hummingbird

We are Thrilled to introduce the Redmond Toddler Group as are newest partner! They have been a mainstay in the Redmond community for over 30 years and we would love to help them raise money for the good work they do! Just Click on the Icon for Redmond Toddler Group at Checkout, and Help them stick around another 30 years!

feeding bat
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 Fundraiser Partners

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