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Pollinator art

The Pollinator Project was created to help fund the activities of Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and any other organizations interested in raising funds for their needs, while helping the environment and communities. The Pollinator Project is in its infancy, and is run by volunteers from Pack 425 out of Fall City Washington. Our goal is to raise funds for Camps, enrollment fees for families, Uniforms costs, providing events for our Scouts like going to local museums, planetariums, and anything else the Troops would enjoy learning about. The hope is to be able to keep kids of all ages and backgrounds, engaged in learning about the outdoors, environmental stewardship, service to others, and the value of hard work. The Project is simple, we provide birdhouses, Mason Bee structures, Bat boxes, Suet feeders, and supplies supporting these products. A large portion of the proceeds go directly to the Packs who choose to team up with us, and the remaining funds are reinvested in building more products. The fundraiser is meant to show kids that they can affect their environment, and communities with something as simple as a birdhouse. Our hope is that people feel good when they decide to support the Pollinator Project. We would love to team up with any Packs interested in changing the world around them, so contact us today and let us help your pack get started!

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My Story

My name is Kyle Sundet, and I live in Fall City Washington. I have 3 young children, a wife I met at age 15, and 2 cats. I am the Cubmaster for Pack 425 in Fall City and am a small business owner. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast,  artist, and have been a carpenter for most of my adult life. Over the years I have had the opportunity to find the joy in service to others and wanted to create a mechanism to help as many people as possible, and  the environment at the same time. It is my goal to spread the word of the importance of pollinators and the troubles they face today, by helping people who care enough to join us with a fundraiser they can feel good about. 


We are always looking to grow and expand our Project scope. Education, products, outreach, joining us, give us a call!


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