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night climbing at camp

  Fall City Cub Scouts Pack 425

Pack 425 is a community of Scouts and parents who are dedicated to working hard and playing hard. We are passionate about learning in the great outdoors, engaging in hands-on experiences, volunteering, and making a positive impact on our community in any way we can. We are joining forces with the Pollinator Project, an organization whose mission is closely aligned with our own. Through this partnership, we are raising funds to support our various initiatives, which include access to camps for Scouts who may not otherwise be able to go, planning and executing outdoor adventures, purchasing uniforms and equipment, and supporting special projects within our community that align with our values and goals. We would be honored to have your support as we work towards creating a better world for all, and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. Please consider supporting our mission, we believe the birds, bee's, bats, and other species we want to help with our products will make your environment a better place! If enough neighbors, friends and organizations join our cause, we can make a difference in our world!

Pack 425 in the mountains
Volunteering with the Eastside Audobahn
hiking in the Cascades
Parents are vital to Cub Scouts success
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