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Size- 10 inches wide/8.5 tall/ 7.25 depth 2 compartments separate each is 3.75 wide interior width. 1 side is for the 4 inch tubes that are 5/16 organic paper straws perfect for nesting insects and Mason Bees. The other compartment is supposed to be filled with debris from the plants in the area around the Mason Bee house you want fertilized, and to hold the larvae tube that will have the mason bee larvae in it


Ideal Location- Mason Bees Homes need to be near water and or mud so the can make mud to pack their eggs in the nesting tubes. A height above 6 or so feet is important but not vital. The important thing about Mason Bees homes is like I said earlier, proximatey to water or mud, and in the empty chamber, placing debris from around the yard you want to be pollinated. The larvae tubes will be set in the debris and the larvae will hatch and become familiar with the smells and textures in the environment.

we have 2 versions, the stacked version, and the side by side version. You will be amazed how quickly the Mason Bees fill these up! 

La Petra 1 and 2

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